End-face Cleaner


End-face Cleaner

SFP-Lite(Repair MateTM)

Handy and high performance cleaner that fits in your
hand and achieves cleaning more than 500 times

Just one sliding motion enables to remove contamination
such as dust or oil on optical connector end-face

Connector to be set on guide holder enables stable and
even cleaning result always

Part No. SHM-501
Application Clean simplex connector tip
Dimension H110 x W68 x D28mm (Cap opened)
Weight 75g
Operation Slide type
Life More than 500 times
Applicable connector SC, FC, ST, LC, MU
SFM-250 / 125(Ferrule MateTM)

Handy and high performance cleaner that fits in your hand and equips cleaning cloth achieves cleaning more than 300 times

Originally developed mechanism for simultaneous forwarding and rotation of cleaning cloth removes contamination easily from ferrule endface, which existing product is hardly ever done

Tapered tip is ideal for cleaning inside of adapter. Also, by using protection cap, single connector endface can be cleaned
Part Number SFM-250 (φ2.5mm) SFM-125 (φ1.25mm)
Application Ferrule endface cleaning for inner adapter or single connector
Dimension (body) L163 x W20 x H44 mm
Dimension (tip) L=63mm L=110mm
Weight 60g
Operation Push button operation
Life More than 300 times
Connector/Adapter Type SC, FC, ST
(both PC and Angle PC)
(both PC and Angle PC)




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